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Jan 6, 2011 11:32
I've read 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone' and this is the very first English book I have ever read through. The book forced me to look up 300 new words in dictionary, wow!

I expected to encounter many new nouns, but in fact I was impressed by the number of new verbs. I met many verbs which are alternatives to "shout", and many verbs alternatives to "speak", and so on.

I've read the Japanese translation of the book long ago, and I probably read it in just one day, while the English version required whole one week.

I'm not an eager fan of Harry Potter, but the story has a mysterious power which continuously drives me to read the next paragraph. Once you start reading Harry Potter, and you've got a certain speed, then you can't stop reading. So, this is good for reading practice.

And of course, the film and the Japanese translations help me to understand what's going on in there. Moreover, because now I'm living in the UK, I can understand details of the descriptions, such as traditional English foods, the atmosphere of dining hall, the way of Christmas celebration and so on.

Harry went to magical world from Muggle world. I came to England world from Japan world. After all, these are very similar, aren't they?