Thirteen years old

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Dec 11, 2010 22:13
The story of Santa Claus is very common among kids in Japan. Although most of the Japanese are not Christian, we celebrate Christmas for the sake of commercialism and nice presents. Most kids believe in visits of Santa Claus to their rooms, and on the morning of Christmas they will find a great treasure alongside their pillows. Some of them wonder how Santa Claus can know exactly what they want, although they have told their requests to their parents. What is the connection between their parents and Santa Claus? Then, parents have to make up an logic to explain how they can communicate with Santa Claus.

By the way, how old were you when you found that Santa Claus is just an imaginary man and your parents had been deceiving you with a good will?

Six years old, or seven? If you have an elder brother or sister, you might have found it a bit earlier than others.

One of my friends in Japan realized the secret of Santa Claus at as late as thirteen years old. Wow! He has no brother or sister, which might account for this partially.

How did he find the secret? His father possessed a Macintosh computer and he was allowed to use it. One day, when he was exploring the hard disc of the Mac, he spotted a suspicious folder just beneath the hard disk. He opened the folder, and found impossible documents which contained confidential information about what he had wanted from Santa Claus for the Christmas.

I heard this story when he was 25 or something. Surprisingly, he was still angry with his father, not for hiding the fact for as long as 13 years, but for putting the confidential folder at such a noticeable place, directly under the hard disk....