Football and conversation.

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Nov 21, 2010 18:51
I'm not a keen fan of football. Yet I sometimes watch football games on TV. The narrators often mention 'the ball possession rate' of a team against the opponent. A ball possession rate represents how long a team possesses the ball against the other team in a game. Generally speaking, a team which has the higher ball possession rate in a game is considered to be taking control of the game.

Also, narrators often mention one's ability to keep a ball. A player with high ability of keeping a ball can posses a ball longer than other players even when he is surrounded and attacked by defenders of the other team.

I think that these concepts in football can be applied to one-to-one conversation and that such analogy with football are very useful in analysing one's skill of conversation.

In a group conversation in English, I have to say that my ball possession is short and my ability of keeping a ball is low. I am always running towards the ball (topic) of the conversation. But I can't take the ball from other players well. Mostly, I'm just running (listening). Nevertheless, sometimes one passes the ball to me. OK, it's my turn and I will show something nice! However, unfortunately I cannot keep the ball for a long time. Often, after just 3 or 4 dribbles, I pass the ball back to other players.

This reminds me my football playing in my junior high school days, when I was a terrible player. Most of time I was just running without touching the ball. When I got the ball, I could have dribbled towards the goal, but I often passed the ball with only a single touch to other players. Oh, what a similar experiences they are!

My goals are that I want to have a better skill of dribble and to posses a ball for a bit longer time. Do you have any suggestions or strategies for these?
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