What I learned from the 9th Doctor of Doctor Who was "Fantastic!"

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Nov 20, 2010 21:18
The ninth Doctor in the sci-fi TV series 'Doctor Who', portrayed by Christopher Eccleston, quite often said "Fantastic!" even when something is not very 'fantastic'.

The sound of the word "Fantastic!" /fænˈtæstɪk/ is really distinct and easy to notice. If fact, I learned the vowel sound /æ/ through this word. There is no confusing schwa /ə/ sound in this word, thank you very much.

As the ninth Doctor did, I said "Fantastic!" to everything at that time. Usually, it worked brilliantly under a variety of contexts, but not always.

One day, at a garden party, an British man said to me "Do you drink milk in Japan?"

"Yes, we do, though it was not long ago when we start drinking it. In my grandfather's time, drinking milk was the leading-edge among youngsters in city." I replied.

Then, he said "Oh, you do. Then there is a big cultural difference about milk between Japan and China. I've been to China many times. You know, Chinese people don't drink milk still now."

Probably, I was supposed to say "Really?" or "Are you sure?"

But I unconsciously said "Fantastic!"

He stopped speaking.