What I learned from the 10th Doctor of Doctor Who is "Er..."

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Nov 14, 2010 17:52
What I learned from the 10th Doctor of Doctor Who is to say, "Er...." when somebody asked me a question. The doctor portrayed by David Tennant often says so in the sci-fi drama series.

They say, "Silence is golden." However, during lively conversation, silence should be avoided, a man pointed out on an internet site. When we are asked a question in English, sometimes we need extra time to come up with what to reply in English. Shortage of English vocabulary often causes this. While we are trying hard to find what to say, silence is fallen and the flow of conversation becomes dead.

When asked, many Japanese try to translate the question in English into Japanese, think of the reply in Japanese, and then translate back the answer into English. This process takes so much time that it is hard to keep the flow of conversation. They have to learn thinking in English to save the time.

I can think in English to some extent now, but still it is much slower than native English speakers do.

It was not a deliberate effort, but after watching David Tennant's Doctor for several weeks, I found myself often saying, "Er..." with a very noticeable I-am-thinking-now expression on my face and a little twisted movement of my body to show how much effort I am taking to answer a question. Frequent use of this strategy might look a sheer stupid, but I can keep the flow of conversation while I am looking for the next words to say. That it good.