What day do typhoons make landfall to Japan?

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Nov 6, 2010 07:46
As you know, every autumn Japan is often visited by typhoons coming from the south tropical ocean. Some of them are indeed disastrous, causing heavy rain, flood and enormous wind. However, most of them were not so dangerous in my home town.

When I was a kid, the word "typhoons" sounded like an unexpected exciting thing. Kids were looking forward to their visits. Why? Because their arrivals make our schools closed!

When a big typhoon was generated and approaching to Japan, weather forecasts on telly gave us a predicted course of its movement. We were chasing its track with a hope day after day. Often, it just went away without hitting the Japan main land, resulting in disappointment of innocent kids. In other cases, a lot more disappointedly, typhoons made landfall weekends, just screwing up our nice Sunday. I hence got school closure only a few times. I felt like they're deliberatley coming weekends.

Here are data of the number of typhoons making landfall on each day in a week from 1951 to 2000: 17 typhoons on Monday; 20 on Tuesday; 14 on Wednesday; 16 on Thursday; 25 on Friday; 23 on Saturday; 28 on Sunday. Thus, in actual fact, they prefer weekends to weekdays! No way.