Is English food bad?

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Oct 24, 2010 19:20
When I came to England, one of the biggest worries of mine was about the quality of English foods. As you know, the UK has a notorious reputation about its not-quite-brilliant foods. I have to take food everyday. It is hence a very important factor for the quality of life of mine.

Then I found in experience that it is not so bad, or even good.

Some English guys won't believe my verdict on English foods, sarcastically. "You came from Japan, didn't you? No way, English food is worse than yours."

Other English guys testified that is was terrible about twenty years ago but it greatly improved recently. If so, that is intriguing. Why did such a drastic change occur specifically at that time after a two-thousand-year history of this country since the era of Romans? What caused the change? Couldn't you have done it earlier (that's better, I think)? No one has clearly answered this question.

My favourite English foods include fish 'n' chips (of course), scampi (yummy), and pasties, especially chicken and mushroom pasty. Moreover, English also have a good collection of great sweets, such as apple crumble, sticky toffee pudding, and trifle. Not bad at all!