Sushi is not the principal food in Japan.

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Oct 7, 2010 09:20
One day, when we are talking about Japanese cuisine, a Hungarian guy said to me, "But I would prefer cocked foods to raw foods."

"Are you talking about Sushi?" I said.


"No, no, sushi is only a small part of Japanese cuisines!" I had to say.

We don't eat sushi every day. It's not our principal food. Actually, we don't know why only sushi became so popular around the world. When I was a child, maybe I ate sushi once a month? I dunno, something like that.

Generally speaking, good sushi is really expensive, and so we can take it only at special occasions. Those expensive ones are served in small restaurants, where high-quality sushi craftsmen were working quite seriously. They are proud of fresh materials including fish and prawn and their skill of making sushi.

There's also cheaper ones. Like Yo!Sushi in the UK, often they are served on a belt conveyor in restaurants (Yo!Sushi is NOT cheap AT ALL by the way...). Or you can find them in supermarkets. But they are still not very cheap.

We love sushi, but do not take it every day.

Then the guy asked me, "What else do you have, then?"

We have so many that I couldn't explain it for him. Hey, Owners of Japanese food chains! Come and tell them. It's your work.