Doctor Who

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Oct 5, 2010 06:47
I'd never heard of Doctor Who before I came to the UK. It's BBC's loooong-lasting TV drama series about aliens and a time machine. Once the TV series finished in 1980's. But it revived in 2005 and soon got popular in youngsters.

The main character, the Doctor, is an alien called Time Lord from a planet far from the earth. He has a time machine called TARDIS, which can travel both in space and time. It's a SCI-FI story, but I'd rather call it as a fairy tale.

I don't know how much budget they have, but it looks really expensive. It contains loads of special effects and CG, like a Hollywood film. When I first saw it, I was surprised that it really looks like a Hollywood film but it's made in the UK. British people have proven that they can still make a good quality of Sci-Fi adventure drama on their own.

In Japan, we have a lot of animes, but not a spectacular live-action drama like Doctor Who.