Take over Wagamama restrurants! --- Come on, Ramen masters of Japan.

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Sep 24, 2010 22:23 noodles
Although many Japanese people don't even know its name, Wagamama restaurants are very popular in the UK. They have many branches all over the country.

I don't know why it is so popular. Most of their menu have names of Japanese cuisines, such as ramen, gyoza, ebi katsu, yakitori and so on.

Ramen and gyoza are often considered as Chinese cuisines. That's true in part. Chinese had much longer history of ramen and gyoza. But Chinese counterparts are now very different from Japanese ones. Especially, Chinese and Japanese ramen are not similar at all except they are both noodle with soup.

Anyway, foods in Wagamama with Japanese cuisine names are all fake Japanese foods. They're not authentic. Basically, Japanese people don't like their foods.

It's funny, when we remember that the owner of the Wagamama restaurant is a Chinese businessman. He introduced Japanese cuisines which have their roots in China to the UK. But he changed the recipe to fit (? ... I'm not sure whether it's fitting or not) to the taste of British people.

The history of ramen and gyoza can hence be simply written in 3 lines.
1. Chinese ramen and jiaozi (Chinese name of gyoza) ... hundreds years ago
2. Japanese ramen and gyoza ... 50 years ago
3. British ramen and gyoza ... introduced by a Chinese guy 10 years ago

Personally, I like (1) and (2) very much but not (3).

Now, (2) genuine Japanese ramen and gyoza are really difficult to find in the UK. Ramen masters in Japan, come on and test your great ramens in the UK market! I believe there is a good chance to take over Wagamama restaurants.

Why do I say so?
I want to enjoy a genuine ramen here!
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