Can you hear English spoken with Japanese accent?

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Sep 24, 2010 19:01 pronunciation
There's one thing I often feel unfair.

Many others speak English with strong French, Italian, or Spanish etc accent. But people never mind it. They can hear and understand what they say.

On the other hand, if I speak English with Japanese accent, most people cannot recognize my words!

That's why I have to check pronunciations of every word I use on English dictionary.

Japanese doesn't have distinction between R and L. I mean LIGHT sounds RIGHT, FLIGHT sounds FRIED. There is no TH sound. THINK sounds like SHINK. SHIT and SIT sounds exactly the same in Japanese accent. FAX often sounds like FUCKS. A lot more examples we have.

But recently I got some clues to solve this.

I spotted a number of Japanese people who speak English with complete Japanese accent, but can still communicate with others. They don't care their pronunciation very much. Instead, they speak a lot. They speak slowly but keep on speaking. They try to tell one small thing with many words, phrases and sentences. This strategy seems to help listeners to guess each word with accent from the context.

Maybe I have to follow them and try their context-based strategy rather than pronunciation-based strategy of mine. Keep on speaking simple things!
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