My word list on Google docs now contains 1800 words.

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Sep 24, 2010 08:53
One year has passed since I came to UK.

My vocabulary was quite limited, and so I had to build it up. For people using other European languages, I guess building up English vocabulary is much easier than for us. French and German, for example, have a lot of words which have the same origin as their counterparts in English. Also, Europeans have the same religion, Christianity. They share many many traditions.

But for Asian, this similarity doesn't exist at all. Therefore, we have to build the English vocabulary from zero. You know, it's hard task.

To do this, I made a electronic word list on Google docs, which allows me to access the same word list at work and home. Now, the spreadsheet contains more than 1800 words and phrases which I encountered since 1 year ago.

I look up spelling, pronunciation marks, meanings and example phrases in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary online. This online dictionary now has voice function, which is really cool.

I'm especially taking care of pronunciations. This in part I'm suffering from others' pronunciations. Strong French accent and Spanish accent are really hard to listen. About a half of British people speak accents which is also very hard for me to catch.

No need of speaking quick, but I love to speak a good accent.