Alcohol and speech in English

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Sep 24, 2010 07:25
A number of Chinese friends of mine told me that drinking alcoholic drinks helped their speech in Japanese. They said after taking alcoholic drinks words came to them more fluently than before. But I didn't believe them, at that time.

This year, I'm convinced that it really does.

Drinking appeared to cause a difficulty in switching languages.

One day, in US, I met a French couple both of who speak Japanese. It was so unexpected and I was already drunk. What happened to us was funny. The French continued to talk to me in Japanese, whereas I replied them in English! I couldn't stop speaking English at all. My mind told me now I should reply them in Japanese, my mother tongue, but my brain continued to work in English.

Usually, I may still doing translation between English and Japanese in most of time. Translation causes delay in speech. So keeping fluent flow of conversation is difficult.

But when I'm drunk, it seems that I can't do thinking in Japanese and speaking in English at the same time. Instead, I just think and speak in English. Once I speak in English, then my brain works in English for a while. It continues even after I come back to my room in hotel. There was no one to talk to, but I still thought and spoke to myself in English.

I also feel that finding good words is smoother after drinking.

Still the problem is in listening in noisy place like a pub. However, if I'm in a more quiet restaurant or bar, drinking does help my English conversation.