How did I learn English? 1

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Jan 17, 2014 00:23
I was very lazy during my high school days. My test scores in English was closer to the bottom. In the last grade, I decided to improve my English to prepare for the entrance exam of university.

Basically, I did two things.

One I remembered 1900 English words. For native speakers, 1900 words may sound very few. However, if you remember those 1900 words, you wouldn't have a problem in English at entrance exams. I worked hard every day.

The other thing was that I prepared complete translation of English text into Japanese before every English class. Every time, after a class, I went to the teacher and asked how to translate this and that, and why this must be translated like that etc.

I failed in the entrance exam because I didn't study Math. I went to a preparation school for a year to prepare the exam next year. Thus I kept studying English another year.

This two-years study really worked well except for speaking and listening.