Because one's nation is inside him/her....

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Jan 20, 2014 23:14
Because Japan is part of my "self", I don't feel happy by hearing somebody mock Japan.

Because Japan is part of my "self", and because China is not, I tend to emphasize the difference between China and Japan. This way, my ego is trying to define itself. It thinks that if China and Japan is mixed up, it cannot exist as it is. That is a threat. So it tries to clarify the difference.

From a European point of view, sometimes Japan and China look pretty similar. But if you tell that to Japanese people, they may be offended. It's because their ego's identity is threatened.

Likewise, when I said, "People in Europe and America are...," some European/American said, "What? Europe and America are totally different! You can't talk about them together." Of course they're different, and this response is the ego's defence.

Some people asked me, "What is that like in the UK? How different is it from Japan? Which do you think is better?" And I answered, "Well, in the UK, it is blah, blah, ..." I just frankly told them what I found in the UK. Interestingly, although they didn't know much about the UK, or they'd never visited the UK, they argued against me, saying "No, that's not true!" This is another example of ego's defence. Their egos couldn't stand to hear me saying, "To be honest, the UK was better in this and that than Japan."

A truly international person may be someone whose ego is not strongly identified with his/her nation. He/she would not be too defensive when talking about their nations.

What do you think?