Version Control System

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Feb 13, 2014 23:49
Recently, I learned about version control system (VCS), which allows you to store virtually all the changes in your program source codes, make branches to your project, and merge different branches into one. I'm now using Git, SourceTree and Bitbucket in combination to do this.

Git is one of the most popular VCS software, but it doesn't include an user-friendly graphic interface. So, I need SourceTree to use Git via graphic interface. Bitbucket is an online service in which you can keep an entire copy of your program codes for a project. It's basically a kind of cloud thing.

It's rather complicated to use, to be honest, but these days I feel much more relaxed while I'm writing codes. Because I know I can undo virtually anything at any time, I don't have to worry about ruining everything I've done so far.

It is not good for managing versions of extremely large files, because your hard disk will be soon filled up. Still, besides computer programs, you can control versions of your Word documents, like thesis or papers. It's also useful to manage the contents of your web sites etc.
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