Oh, I love Coldplay.

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Jan 18, 2014 02:36
My brain is completely possessed by the music of Coldplay!

About 15 years ago, I had a similar experience with the reggae music of Bob Marley. I think my first encounter with his music was "Waiting in Vain" covered by Annie Lennox. Then I bought all his CDs from the major label Islands Record. I kept listening to his reggae almost exclusively everyday for about a year. It's like infection of deadly viruses. I could not stop. I loved his vocal and the bass and drums by Anton and Carlton Barrett brothers.

Next year, I fell in love with harpsichord music played by Scott Ross. For about six months I listened to just one album containing Bach's six partitas day and night. His performance was full of pure energy and yet extremely "transparent". I could not sense player's ego behind the music; there was just heavenly beautiful music flowing.

I don't how far it can go, but my gut feeling is that this Coldplay fever would last long.

In particular, I like their use of strings. It reminds me of great English composers, such as Vaughan Williams, Gustav Holst and Benjamin Britten, who were excellent at strings.

Today's favourite of mine, "A Hopeful Transmission"