"About Time" written and directed by Richard Curtis

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Feb 9, 2014 23:01
When I fly, I always look forward to watching films or listening music aboard. Often, I encounter very good films or music albums during flights.

Being a father of a two-years-old boy, I was interested in the new film by Koreeda "Like Father, Like Son" (the original title: そして父になる).

I adored his previous film "I wish" (奇跡). My colleague who is from New Zealand happened to watch it with her friend and both of them just loved it. She earnestly recommended the film to me. I was intrigued by the fact that a Japanese film caught the heart of a New Zealand woman. It really was a great film. I think the director is particularly good at shooting children naturally.

However, I didn't like "Like Father, Like Son" very much. The story was just slow and there was no surprise except the initial settings. I can see the intent of the director very clearly. However, it was probably too obvious and deliberate. You need a bit more of twisters and magic to let the lesson or message of the film be digested naturally.

Next, I spotted an British film titled "About Time." I've heard of it before. Again, this film is about the relationship between a son and his father. It seems that I'm very much interested in this long-standing theme. This one, however, turned out to be a master piece. I adored every single cut of the film. It really beautifully captured life in the UK, and relationship within one's family and with one's partner.

As the title suggests, the film contains a timy-wimy Doctor Whoish magic element in it without Daleks or any aliens including the Doctor involved. I really liked the idea that the boy can travel back in time in his life.

I completely agree with the conclusion of the film that we should live and enjoy this very moment of our lives AS IF we couldn't travel back in time!