A proposal of Premium functionality for Lang-8 - "my dictionary in cloud"

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Jan 18, 2014 09:58
Actually, I've proposed a similar idea here before, and wrote it to the Lang-8 administrator. This time I'm more convinced.

Just imagine you have your own dictionary in cloud? What I mean by you own dictionary is that the list of words you've learned. It includes definitions, pronunciations, etymology and so on. In an ideal world, a plugin for browser collect these information from your favourite online dictionaries. But even with manual copy and paste, it is probably worth to have it.

You can add "tags", so that you can group them. For example, you can have "ALL", "Formal", "Informal", "Food names", and "Nature". Or you use a tag "Done" to label words and phrases that you feel comfortable about.

Then you can get numbers like how many words you encountered, or how many words and phrases you memorized.

A very important function may be to be able to export to Anki software. You can convert your dictionary to Flash cards. How cool is that?

In fact, I've built a similar list of words/phrases with Google Drive spreadsheet. Now the number of entry counts nearly 9,500. I can export it into Anki. The only thing I can't do is to use tags!