Liberation from burden and restraint

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Feb 1, 2014 00:30
This week, I attended a meeting. It was basically for graduate students. It was held at a hotel with spa. We stayed one night there, and students gave power point presentations about their research projects during daytime. As the main event of the meeting, I invited my Japanese friend, who works in the UK. He gave a fantastic talk. I was heartily glad.

During and after the meeting, I had chances to talk to many Japanese people. Two of them had an experience of studying abroad for more than a couple of years. It was very interesting to hear about their lives in the Western world, since they basically went through very similar experiences as I did.

Three of us all experienced inexplicably strong sensation of liberation while in the Western world, no matter if it was the USA, UK or France. It was liberation from the burden and restraint by our own culture. We all enjoyed the freedom. Then, we all agreed that this cannot be understood by mere words, and that one really needs to experience it by oneself.
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