My TOEFL score update — 24pts up!

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Jan 7, 2014 12:01
I had a TOEFL English proficiency test on 2 Nov last year.

The last time I had a TOEFL test was in 2008 (before moving to the UK) and my score was as follows:

Reading: 25/30
Listening: 21/30
Speaking: 19/30
Writing: 17/30
TOTAL: 82/120

The average score of Japanese people are 70, so I was already quite good in that sense. However, that of South Korea is 84.

My new score was much better:

Reading: 30/30
Listening: 30/30
Speaking: 24/30
Writing: 22/30
TOTAL: 106/120

I got 24 points up.

The score was slightly lower than my goal of 110, but I was satisfied that my struggle with "weird" English sounds (I don't really mean English sounds are weird, but from Japanese perspective you would definitely call it "weird" just as you would for Japanese sounds from English point of view. That is to day, it's all relative.) for four years was not in vain. The reason why my writing score was not good was because I actually failed to understand a bit of narration that was part of the question. To get better score in Speaking section, I think I need a bit of practise.