I've been living in Japan since last September.

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Jan 18, 2014 09:36
I should have written an entry like this to clarify things when I moved. After wonderful and exciting four years in the city of dreaming spires, I came back to Kyoto, the former capital of Japan, last September.

The cultural gap between the UK and Japan is huge. Far more than I expected.

When I moved to the UK from Japan, I enjoyed those differences. I felt I became a small child whose life is full of new experiences. As wrote in details elsewhere (http://lang-8.com/odon/journals/32225269352966416095415301413368629694), the first two or three months were particularly interesting and my subjective time slowed down dramatically, which was also similar to my childhood. I lived a new life there with wonderful people.

When I moved back to Japan, however, I didn't enjoy the differences this time. Rather, I was deeply disappointed about many things, almost everything. Now I've been in Japan for four months, so my "acute" response is almost over. My thoughts haven't changed much since my move. Perhaps, I can no longer live in Japan as I did before. Something inside me has utterly changed. I cannot see the same streets in the same way as I saw them before.

Is it good or bad? You might ask. At the moment, it is a bit painful. However, it may not be that bad, ultimately. My life in the UK "opened" my eyes, and I can see what I couldn't see before.