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Sep 30, 2012 18:54
Seven point six per day. This is the average number of dictionary entries I looked up a day. I copied and pasted 8300 entries from an English dictionary onto a spread sheet during the last three years. This is a lot. At least, this seems a lot to me.

However, according to a study (see below), the vocabulary of six-year-old children (of native English speakers) is 8,530 words. And my number is not based on the count of words; the verb and noun forms of the same words were separately counted and it also includes phrasal verbs etc as a stand-alone entry. On top of that, I don't remember all the words/expressions in the lengthy list. So, my vocabulary size probably tally with that of four- or five-year-old kids at the best.

The same study tells that the average vocabulary size of an adult native speaker of English is about 30,000 words. It's still far away....

If you've got a time, try this out to estimate your vocabulary size and tell me how many scores you get.

Test your vocab

The data are available below.

New results for native speakers


I did this test myself after writing the above, and my estimated vocabulary size was "11,300 words," which is somehow larger than my lengthy list. This size corresponds to the vocabulary of eight-year-old kids.


According to the study, on average, native speakers between 3 and 16 learn 3.8 words per day. I felt that the growth of my vocabulary was slow, but indeed it was twice as fast as native learners. I feel good now, hahaha.