The procession in the Opening Ceremonry of London 2012.

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Aug 11, 2012 21:24
It feels like quite a long time ago, but the opening ceremony of London 2012 was held only two weeks ago. Before it becomes too late, I'd like to leave some comments on the procession of the athletes.

Maybe I'm a bit psycho, but I was really moved by just watching athletes from countries which I've never been to and I'm not familiar with. In those countries, only a couple of people represent a nation. How were they feeling in the stadium? They must have been proud of themselves! At the same time, however, they might have been slightly jealous of richer and bigger countries which sent a huge team of athletes to the games. As a whole, they must have enjoyed the fantastic atmosphere in the stadium after hard training and competitions.

Athletes from many African countries wore their traditional clothes. They looked very confident and beautiful. I was able to see their pride about their own cultures. It was great. They just walked there and we sensed their lives and a lot of stories behind the sports.

When I saw the procession of Japanese athletes, I was rather disappointed. I knew they had been always like that, but still it was disappointing.

They wore orthodox red jackets and white trousers. The clothes looked neat, yes. But, basically, after watching wonderful ethnic costumes from African countries, they looked too boring. Basically, you can't detect any trace of unique and rich Japanese culture from the uniform. Rather, they succeeded in completely getting rid of Japanese identity and being 'neutral'. While African countries tried to 'talk' about their culture during the procession, the Japanese team were trying not to talk about anything about themselves.

Actually, their uniform, the red jackets and white trousers, was very similar to those of some countries, including China. The South Korea team wore dark blue jackets and white trousers. I found this quite interesting; In East Asia, China, South Korea and Japan all chose not to appeal their national/ethnic identity.

Perhaps, if Team Japan had worn samurai armours (甲冑) with chonmage (hairs on top of head shaved and side and back hairs forming a bun ... see the picture above), they would look more 'unique'. Or how about this? Women wear 12 layers of kimono (十二単) and men wear kamishimo (上下). OK, I admit they are too expensive. Then, let only the flag holder wear a ninja suit, while others wear the standard red and white suits. Not many people would think they can defeat the team of ninja in the Olympic games, surely.

The link below is the procession in the opening ceremony of Tokyo Olympic in 1964. People look neater than today.