Mobile Suite Gundam '機動戦士ガンダム' 1979

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Jul 24, 2012 07:52
Mobile Suite Gundam '機動戦士ガンダム' is a legendary TV animation series first broadcast in 1979. It was so popular that there have been so many sequels made over 30 years.

When I was a kid, and before the emergence of Family Computer, boys' minds were occupied with robots or 'mobile suits' (モビルスーツ — this should be better transliterated as 'モバイルスーツ', but again there was a mistake) in Gundam. Every kid knew about various types of 'mobile suits', such as ザク, ゲルググ, ドム, グフ and so on. Just recently I learned from Wikipedia that the programme wasn't very popular when it was broadcast for the first time. Actually, because of the low viewing figures, it was shortened from the original plan of 52 episodes to 43. However, Gundam became popular when elaborated plastic models of those robots or 'mobile suits' were sold. Indeed, the viewing figures of the second broadcast were better than the first, and that was how the legend was made.

Although I was quite familiar with some of the main characters and 'mobile suits', I had never watched the entire 43 episodes throughout. It was a shame. So I decided to watch them.

The original 43 episodes of Gundam was fabulous even today. I quite liked the human dramas among young people who had to join battles in a war without a choice. Description about robots were also quite detailed and realistic, which is very important to drag viewers into the story.

There were a couple of things I felt a little bit awkward. 1. The colour of Gundam itself. It's got rather childish, blue, red, yellow and white colours. Even when I was a kid, I vaguely remember I was a little uncomfortable about the colour. 2. From the middle of the series, the programme started emphasizing Gundam's transformation, but I thought it was unnecessary. 3. During the first half of the series, enemies were almost always ザク, a mass-produced mobile suit. However, from the middle onwards, nearly each episode introduced a new robot to be defeated by Gundam, which I felt a bit odd.

Again, according to Wikipedia, it turned out that all the three points raised above were due to sponsor's requests to boost the poor viewing figures. These were good examples of how sponsors can ruin one of the greatest TV animation series.

I really liked the final episode, but I won't tell you details here!




いくつか、なんだか変だなと感じたことがありました。1. ガンダムの色。ガンダムはやや子供じみた、青、赤、黄、白に塗られていました。子供の頃でさえ、この色使いにはやや不満だったのをかすかに覚えています。2. シリーズの途中から、ガンダムの変身を強調し始めましたが、これは不必要に感じました。3. シリーズの前半では敵はほとんどいつも、量産型モビルスーツであるザクでしたが、後半以降はほぼ毎回新しいロボットが登場してはガンダムに破壊されるようになりました。ちょっと変に感じました。


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