My first impression of Japan after three years in the UK (6)

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Jul 24, 2012 05:22
(Continued from the previous entry)

While I was on a train in Japan, watching the flow of the grey cites outside the windows, I thought, "I can't really show this grey stuff to my colleagues in the UK." Although I had been looking forward to inviting them to Japan, I felt quite ashamed of the scenery in Japan then.

One of my English colleagues travelled to Japan. Before his trip, he said he would visit Sendai and Tokyo. I told him that Sendai is notorious as one of the three cities with the ugliest women in Japan. (The other two are Nagoya and Mito, by the way.)

When he was back, I asked him how was his trip to Japan. He said he was quite excited. The girls in Sendai were not ugly at all but rather very beautiful (I said to him, "Well, you've got a different standard!").

He was most astonished by the cleanliness at city centres. In Tokyo, even in the busiest places, he didn't see much litter on the streets. He demanded, "How on earth can they behave like that without strict regulations by police? I didn't see many policemen. People just don't throw litter on the streets at all. How can it be possible?"

To this, I tried to explain that Japanese people really care about the atmosphere around them. If other people don't do it, they think there are some codes of practice against it. So they try to avoid it. Of course, my explanation didn't satisfy him. He kept asking me, "Why? Why? Why?"

While in Tokyo, he thought of London. He said he was totally ashamed of the litter on the streets in London. "I thought I can't show London to any Japanese people!"

This is how people with different backgrounds feel in a different way by seeing the same thing...







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