My first impression of Japan after three years in the UK (3)

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Jul 22, 2012 06:30

I wrote about how I was disappointed of modern Japanese architecture. I felt in this way because I spent three years in Oxford, one of the nicest place in the UK. My colleague told me that if I had been in Coventry or somewhere (sorry, my friends in Coventry!), my experience in Japan could have been different. But I'm not sure. Modern British houses have their 'style' in general and I think there is a good continuation from the Victorian Era.

I actually found 'grey colour' not only in architecture but also people in Japan, which was rather unexpected. This time, I wasn't sure if the 'grey' is derived from actual colours of clothes. At least, young people tend wear something colourful. It could again be from noises.

But what struck me most was people's 'postures.' Japanese people are generally by one head or two shorter than British people. Their legs are relatively shorter than British people. However, sizes don't matter too much. To my eyes, Japanese people stood more feebly than British people somehow. I can often see strong springs in the way British people walk, but those spring was absent from Japanese people. They walk a little slower and unstably than British people.

To be fair, I cannot just say bad things about other Japanese people, because I know my way of walking isn't the best way. However, apart from myself, as a whole, British people looked more powerful and energetic than Japanese people.

Perhaps, people on Japanese commuter trains might be indeed exhausted. Japanese 'salary men' (workers in companies) often have to work till quite late. Most of them cannot go home at 6 o'clock. I actually found and read two books about how you can go home at 6 o;clock in Japan. The existence of such books eloquently tells you how difficult it is to do.

Their a little awkward postures and fatigue might have made me think that they were 'grey' people.






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