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Jan 15, 2014 06:18
I don't follow the trend in pop music. I'm pretty much classical music-oriented.

I got to know about a tune composed by Coldplay, titled "Every tear drop is waterfall", through the great performance by the young (and handsome) cello duo, 2 Cellos. The two of them play a single cello. I was amazed by the quality of it. My son, who was one-year old then, was fascinated by their video as well. The video was by far the most watched youtube video in 2013 in my family.

About a year later, I'm now deeply interested in the music by Coldplay, a very successful British alternative rock group. Oh, I might end up buying all of their albums!

Their music is quite catchy. But I like the simplicity that their music contains. They don't really push things hard. There music is just there.

I lived for four years in the UK and missed a chance to go to their live concert. What a shame!

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