Japanses monkeys in hot spring

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Nov 26, 2011 17:55

The 'famous' monkeys in hot spring in Japan. Actually, I was surprised that virtually everybody in America and Europe knows of them. If you randomly pick up someone and ask him/her about Japan, the answer would be sushi and monkeys in hot spring. Apparently, Western people love them. How did you know of them? Was there a particular film or something?

Well, of course, I've heard of them in Japan, but I thought it's rather trivial. Now, Japan Tourism Agency should promote the monkeys seriously!

If I have a bath in snow and run off the bath into mountains, I would expect to catch a deadly cold. In Japanese, there's a word 湯冷め, which means that after having a bath you're bound to lose your heat easily. So, Japanese mums keep telling their children, "湯冷めするから早く体を拭いて服を着なさい" (Towel yourself off and wear clothes as soon as possible, or you'll have 湯冷め!).

My question is hence why on earth those monkeys can enjoy the hot spa without catching a cold afterwards.

By the way, I wouldn't share a hot spring with monkeys, quite frankly...