Pregnancy brain

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Nov 13, 2011 08:02
Yesterday, I was working very hard in the afternoon. I was so concentrated on my work that time went by very fast. After all my colleagues went home, I was still working eagerly alone in my office. I got a phone call. It was from my pregnant wife. "Er, it's already past seven. What are you doing?" Oh, blimey, I was supposed to see my landlords at seven o'clock at my flat. Although I had set up a reminder, I hadn't remember this appointment since morning. I had completely forgot about it. "Sorry, I'm so sorry." Through the phone, I apologized my landlords for waiting for me in vain. Our meeting was cancelled and set to next Tuesday again.

Today, my wife and I had a lunch at a French restaurant in the city centre. We planed to go to a free violin concert held in an old college from three o'clock. We moved to the college. It's one of the largest colleges in Oxford. We were a bit lost on our way from the main gate to the concert venue and strayed into beautiful quadrangles. At last, we found out the way and arrived the hall just at 5 minutes to 3 o'clock. To my surprise, there was no sign of other people. What is more, the entrance door to the hall was firmly locked. We could barely hear a sound of violin practice from behind the door. It's three o'clock, but the violinist was still practising. Probably, I thought, I mistook the concert time. It would start a few hours later. Well, you don't have much opportunity to listen to a professional violinist practising, so we listened to the beautiful, but far, violin sound for a while. Then, we went back to the entrance of the college and asked at reception, "Excuse me, I wonder what time today's violin concert will start at?" The man replied, "We don't have a violin concert today. A violin concert is to be held tomorrow from three o'clock." "Oh, that makes sense!" I said.

After we got out of the college, my pregnant wife with her massive tummy said to me, "You've got a pregnancy brain!"