Danger of language teaching and learning - comparison to others

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Nov 12, 2011 08:58
When you teach your mother tongue to others, there is always a danger of looking down on them. If you are bilingual, you're inclined to disdain monolinguals. Because you know about something definitely more than others, it is an indulging experience. It may be almost inevitable to think that you're more important than others. The more you become proficient in foreign languages, the closer you come to this danger.

While using Lang-8, I found this kind of subtle contempt in myself. Judgement, comparison and relativity may be the major sources of this feeling. However, it is rather difficult to stop judging grammatical errors and pronunciations while you're learning a language.

Actually, this kind of thing applies to anything: tennis, baseball, music instruments, dance, mathematics and whatever. You're in a scale of relativity and always judged and compared by teachers, others and yourself.

However, greatest performance is achieved only when you stopped judgement on yourself and concentrate on your activity. Indeed, I often find myself most enjoying when I've forgotten the fact that I'm speaking English (after drinking a pint of beer most frequently).

If I can stop judging good or bad, I could be free from relativity and hence from the danger of comparing myself with others as well. Besides drinking, perhaps, the best way for that is to concentrate on my 'English body language' while I'm speaking. If you have any other good ideas to stop judgements and concentrate on the content of language itself, let me know.