How to hunt a Japanese girl? A lesson video about failure.

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Sep 4, 2011 01:23 日本の歌

Hi guys.
I would like to share a weird video of Japan with you.
Well, where to start?

The song?
This song 'Boy meets girl' was originally written by Tetsuya Komuro 小室哲哉 for a music group called 'trf' in 1994. Tetsuya Komuro was the king of pop music in Japan in 1990s. He produced a lot million sellers. Wikipedia says his CD sales including singles and albums numbers more than 170,000,000. The song was covered by WORLD ORDER.

The performers?
They are called 'WORLD ORDER', lead by Genki Sudo 須藤元気, an ex-professinal martial arts fighter. Sudo is the guy who appears first in the video. As a martial arts fighter, he was well known for his elaborate performance before the match. He wore special costumes just for the performance and danced with a group of dancers. He retired from the fighting in 2006. In 2009, he organized WORLD ORDER with professional dancers.

The scene?
The boys entered an Japanese restaurant. When they made a toast, they noticed girls at the next table. They were determined to join the girls. Suddenly, it became a gokon 合コン, or a matchmaking party. They move to a karaoke bar and sang songs. It seemed everything was going well, but the boys found that the girls disappeared. Disappointed, the boys move to another bar and discussed what was wrong with their behaviour (and maybe which girl was cutest).

I have to say, although their movements are robotically exaggerated, the description of the attempt of girl hunting in this video is pretty accurate and real. It's a shame you can't lean how to hunt a girl from this video, because the boys clearly failed.^^

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