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Aug 13, 2011 08:31
Until today, I'd been thinking that 'Torchwood' had already finished a couple of years ago. But I happened to spot the new series of 'Torchwood' on the BBC iPlayer. It's so cool! My life is going to be busy watching Torchwood and Doctor Who together.

'Torchwood' on the BBC iPlayer (UK only)

'Torchwood' is an acronym of 'Doctor Who', and is a spin-off series of the iconic British Sci-Fi drama 'Doctor Who'. It's said that 'Doctor Who' is created for children to adults, whereas 'Torchwood' is more adult-oriented. The story is written by Russell T. Davies, who revived the new series of 'Doctor Who' after 16 years of interval and made it one of the most popular TV dramas in the UK again.

If you're watching 'Torchwood', I would like to ask you one thing. In the drama, Gwen Cooper's husband, Rhys Williams, speaks with the Welsh accent, doesn't he? I have one Welsh colleague, and I can feel some similarities between the ways they speak.
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