How can I improve unpronounced pronunciation?

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Aug 7, 2011 17:45 pronunciation
Reading aloud is one of the best way to practise pronunciation and increase you vocabulary at the same time.

I often read Harry Potter books aloud while I'm having a bath. I often get drowsy in the bath so that my Harry Potter books have been immersed in water many times. While I'm reading, my wife is already in bed. She complains that she has had bad dreams due to my English leaked from the bathroom.

Here is a funny thing. When read something aloud in English, I can produce mostly English sounds largely with the English rhythm. However, when I read the same book silently, my voice in my head sounds pretty much like katakana and has Japanese rhythm.

So it seems that correcting unpronounced pronunciations in my head is much harder than improving pronounced pronunciations!

Also reading English in silence is often slower than reading aloud, which is the exact opposite to what happens in Japanese.

The only way which seem to help improvement of unpronounced pronunciation is to actually move my tongue and lips without producing actual sounds while reading in silence.

Has anyone experienced something similar?