Lang-8 wish list

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Aug 6, 2011 17:24
Hello. Here are a couple of things I have come up with to make Lang-8 even more attractive.

1 Your Word List
You can keep the list of words and phrases you have learned in your Lang-8 page. You can check the list from anywhere you have the internet connection. You can add links to the relevant pages of online dictionaries. Or if the links are generated semi-automatically, that would be even better.

Integration with Anki, if it is possible at all, would be nice as well.

2. Maintaining drafts for corrections
I have lost hundreds of my uncompleted corrections by accidental hitting of a wrong button of my web browser. It is so frustrating that I usually give up the correction after the incidents. If you can recover your uncompleted corrections, that would be nice, don't you think? Or, it would also nice to have a warning dialogue which appears when you are about leave the page accidentally.

3. Related Entries
There must be thousands of very useful or extremely interesting entries, but we can't easily find them if they are not new. There ought to be "Related Entries" button (like 'suggestions' in youtube) which suggests relevant entries automatically chosen on the basis of keyword usage or something. So if an entry is talking about sushi, other sushi-related entries would be listed at the corner of your browser.

How do you think about these ? Do you have other wish list items?