I'm a Premium member now!

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Aug 6, 2011 03:22
I think Lang-8 is a great invention and I want it to be sustained.
To make an investment and pay a reward to Lang-8, I decided to be a premium member.
I'm looking forward to seeing further improvements of its functions.

To be honest, the benefits available for the premium members are not very sexy at moment.
But I might start learning other languages later, including German, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean (I couldn't choose one yet), though I'm too busy learning English right now.

I've written about 80 entries during about a year.
If I divide the annual member fee $45 by 80, the fee is about 50c (40 Japanese yen) per entry.
I think it is a reasonable price.

I've learned a lot from many friends through Lang-8.
Thanks a lot, everyone!

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