The last Harry Potter! (no spoilers, I believe)

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Jul 25, 2011 07:16
I've just watched the last Harry Potter film in a cinema in Oxford.
It was great fun.
Not only was the film itself stunning, but also the way British audience watch it was jolly good.

The cinema was full of British youngsters. They all seemed quite excited.

When the film started, many of them were hissing something to their neighbours.
Then there were hundreds of "Sh" (the /ʃ/ sound) flying over the audience, which never happens in Japan. I enjoyed the wonderful "Sh"ing several times during the film.

When somebody kissed somebody in the film, there was a big applause from the audience, which you never expect in Japan.

When somebody laughed queerly in the film in a serious scene, the whole audience in the cinema laughed out loud, which you can only find during animation films for small kids like 'Doraemon' or 'Pokemon' in Japan.

When somebody beat somebody in the film, there was another big applause.

When the film finished at last, there was the last big applause, and this time I joined them. It was a great moment. I felt happy that I watched the film in this country.

Did I understand the whole story? Maybe not. I couldn't tune my ears to the accents of many characters in the film. But I've got Harry Potter books with me and now I'm at the end of the book 5, "the order of the phoenix". I will know the detailed story in a couple of months.

I bet the Harry Potter film is going to be the best film of this year. Only Rowan Atkinsons "Johnny English Reborn" could barely challenge it. Oh, I'm looking forward to meeting Johnny English again; He is a cool English man. Also I'm looking forward to laughing at the film with British audience in the cinema!