Maia Hirasawa, a half-Japanese Swedish singer

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Jul 10, 2011 09:05
After watching the waves and smiles of 15,000+ people on the videos celebrating the new bullet train in Kyushu more than 100 times, I've got interested in the music behind the wave and smiles.

「祝! 九州縦断ウェーブ」九州新幹線全線開通
特別編 (180 sec)

It is an English song, called "Boom!". At first, I was wondering why on earth they chose an English song for this video. A Japanese song would fit the message of this video better. Also I couldn't help thinking that the voice of the female singer is quite similar to Bjork's one.

However, gradually I became more and more fond of this song. The drum beats in the tune, probably depicting 'my heart beats', remind me of Japanese drums 和太鼓 in festivals. This tune is definitely cheerful and does fit the smiles and waves of people perfectly. Now I really love this song and the singer, Maia Hirasawa.

Maia Hirasawa was born as a daughter between a Japanese father and a Swedish mother (I'm not sure about the use of articles here). After succeeding in good sales of her first and second albums in Sweden, she felt her life became too busy and moved to Sendai, Japan, in January 2010, to have a breath and take a rest.

She was away from composing and writing new songs during the first couple of months in Sendai, spending her time to learn Japanese language. She then slowly restarted compositions. Her first song written in Japan was used in a TV commercial of a major cosmetics company in Japan and soon acquired much attention. She released an album including songs sang in English, Swedish, and Japanese, in Japan. The new song "Boom!" was chosen for the CM of the new bullet train. When the earthquake occurred, she was in Tokyo, just about to go back to Sendai on a train. I can't imagine how shock the disaster was to her. Her life is so dramatic.

Below is a song from her first album in Sweden. It's so beautiful and romantic!


I'm curious how she looks at Japan and Europe. Plus I'm interested in how the life in Sendai and the experience of the earthquake affected her musical tastes. Although her musical background is European/American, her song sang in Japanese is also stunning. I'm really looking forward to her new songs.
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