"Counter-Curse" against Tsunami!

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Jul 7, 2011 16:54
A "Counter-Curse" is a type of spell that removes the effects caused by Curses over its intended target, according to Harry Potter wiki.

I've been watching the videos I introduced you in my previous entry every day. I'm so obsessed now.

Smiles and waves of more than 15,000 people along the rails of 250 km in Kyushu work as a strong "counter-curse" against the videos of the tsunami, which killed more than 15,000 people along the coast of Tohoku.

I've seen them more than 100 times but still I cannot help but crying.
The scenery of the countryside in the videos is not great, when compared to the picturesque countryside in the England.
Weather is not brilliant and it's cloudy.
But these don't matter.
The guy who came up with this project must be an absolute genius!