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Hi, I'm ODON.
I'm a Japanese man.
After living in the UK for four years, now I live in Kyoto, Japan.
The inverse cultural shock may be bigger than the one I had when I moved to the UK.

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Running and rotating somen noodles 流し素麺と回り素麺

Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum 新横浜ラーメン博物館

History of Instant noodles インスタントラーメンの歴史

A woman who has eaten the most cups of instant ramen of Japanese women. 日本一インスタントラーメンを食べる女.

English Language

TOEFL iBT (an English test) score of Japanese speakers - 104th of speakers of 113 languages

否定疑問文はやめてよう。Don't aske me negative questions.

"Japanese-tuned ears" 日本語耳 are established at 14 months old.

Difficult English sounds for the Japanese (part 1, ɜː) 日本人にとって難しい英語の音 1

Difficult English sounds for the Japanese (part 2, ə) 日本人にとって難しい英語の音 2

Awkwardness about English

An Egyptian goose

Listening in Pub

Am "I" わたし? Or おれ? Or who am "I"?

Japan or ジャパン or 日本?

Japanese Language

日本語には時制がない!?相こそが大事。 Japanese doesn't have tense!? Aspect is the key.

青空文庫 to PDF - The introduction of 青空キンドル for Japanese learners

Re: 漢字の起源について考えている

Culture and Politics

Religion in Japan

Jigyo shiwake 事業仕分け - the ridiculous screening process last year in Japan


塞翁が馬(さいおうがうま)Everything in life is like the horse of the old man, Sai

Love and Courage from Japan

また再建しましょう!  Let's rebuild the town again!

言葉にできない I can't find my words...

九州新幹線開通記念CM - A video celebrating the new bullet train in Kyushu island won an internatinal award!!!

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A new usage of the word OTOMODACHI (オトモダチ) has emerged.

If you've learned Japanese for a while, you may know the word OTOMODACHI (オトモダチ or お友達). The first "mora" (mora is somethin...
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  • English 
Mar 29, 2014 16:08


I came home late today. My two-years-old son was already sleeping. I watched his face for a while. I realized that it was the most beauti...
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Feb 15, 2014 01:26

Version Control System

Recently, I learned about version control system (VCS), which allows you to store virtually all the changes in your program source codes,...
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  • English 
Feb 13, 2014 23:49

Why you can't use credit cards very often in Japan?

I've been wondering why we can't use credit cards in many shops or restaurants in Japan. In the UK, it's actually very ha...
  • 4186
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Feb 12, 2014 20:19

What makes PowerPoint slides by Japanese scientists peculiar?

In an international conference, a Swedish scientist declared that he can recognize PowerPoints slides made by Japanese scientists. I was ...
  • 1377
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  • English 
Feb 9, 2014 23:35
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A community for people in the UK and Japan studying Japanese or English. Discuss English, Briti...

Testimonials from My Friends

OneDayOneNoodle is a nice person who have some similars funny experices with me ^^ I decided to join lang-8 after reading his article.( coz he realize me I am not the only one! Thank u for sharing ur history!
OneDayOneNoodleさん is very proficient in English and can explain intricacies of Japanese grammar and idioms really well. He's also thoughtful and considerate and a valuable friend. Thank you for all your help!