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Jan 1, 2012 00:27 new year
Some bloggers at the end of the year publish summary, which tels how much popular their blog is. This will not be this kind of post, because I am to lasy to do such thing :P

I decided post something today, because I heard that there is superstition, what you will do in the last day of the year, often will happen also in next year.

Another popular practice is to create a todo list for next year. I made such list few times, however usually about personal rather than professional staff.

For 2012 my goals are slightly different. First of all I want to more care about...

Unfinished things...

I am blogging (at least in polish) since a while, however I didn't publish here to many texts about my IT projects. This is weird, because almost everyone who know me a little know that I have at least dozen of ideas for projects every year.

Most of this projects unfortunately had never reached final phase. My lack of patience and determination is main reason, why I don't finish so many projects. Before I finished one, another seems to me more interesting.

In that way, when I want to pick one of those projects and finally finish it, I don't even which should I take.


In 2012 I wish you more and more determination and clarity of mind, which should help you with decision-making and (like my wife told me lately) good luck with dealing with your "tail of unfinished business", which sometimes might bother you when you are trying reach "your next level".

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