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Feb 2, 2016 21:22
I learned today a new vocabulary "Jeopardize" which means to put something or someone in danger/to expose to a chance of to lose or damage. Although I am not really afraid of losing what I have now, I want to keep what I have built little by little by myself, especially things or people that I put my love. In order to not jeopardize my life, I should keep to take care of myself well because I believe that I can take care of others as much as I take care of myself. One more thing I knew today that to not lose something, you should keep losing what you have now. That's interesting and I kind of agree with it.
~を危険にさらす・〜を失うように導くという意味の単語、Jeopardize を知った。今あるものがなくなることをものすごく恐れてはいないけれど、自分の人生を危険に晒したりせず、これまで築き上げてきたものは保っておきたい。特に自分が愛を注いてきた物事、人々との関係は持続させたい。人生を危険に晒さないために、私はこれからも自分に愛を注ぐべきだ。なぜなら、自分を愛した分だけ他者も私を取り巻く物質的なもの愛することが出来るのだから。