I prefer to go for running in the dark.

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Aug 18, 2012 20:25
After the Sun has gone, I went to running.I like running in the dark because it feels not so hot, quiet, and any mosquitoes can't bite me while I am running. So it is so comfortable!
Anyway,I don't know why but my body is so fine tonight.I could feel that my body was saying "I want to run more and more". Why? I am not sure but it might because I went to the Beach to play with water yesterday. Also I have been trying to do exercise every day since I come back to Japan.
I really like doing exercise.
However, for save my strength, and not to make hurt my body, I always finish my exercise before I exhaust. I think this is the good way to do it for long time. Let's enjoy doing exercise for our long healthy life. Especially, I prefer to go for running in the dark.