Family and Friend

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Feb 19, 2012 08:57
The day before yesterday, I sent a message to my sister which live in Oita( Kyusyu) to ask can I come down to see you.

She and I met about two years ago and it had been about seven years we met last.

She said "Yes".

She also said "You can stay here as much as you want".

I really appreciated about it.

I like her very much.

Haveing(To have) a family is nice.

I also think having(to have) a friend is nice too.

Having them makes warm inside me.

I have help my improving by them.

I want to introduce my sister to my friends.

I also want to introduce my friends to my sister.

They will be able to say "hello".

What kind of wonderful thing will happen around us ?

I want to see it someday.

Well, I am looking forward to see my sister.