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Feb 12, 2012 13:24
I have been looking for a wallet to buy new one for a year.

However I haven't seen any nice one until today.

It was sometimes expencive. It was sometimes cheap but not good to use it.

I think the wallet need very easy to use when I open at front of the cash register.

I want to buy the wallet of the Indian cotton material or it of soft material.

The leather wallet will be use a long time, but It just hards to use for the first time.

Now I am using wallet which I bought it only 100 YEN in DAISO

(This store is very famous as the cheapest store in Japan)!

It has been using it for 2 eyars and I love it.

ALthough it getting duty at outside but I think I am good at to use it.

I will use it until I get new one.