As a mother...I enjoy my life.

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Jul 31, 2011 19:57
Today, I prepared some stuff for my children coming my world.
The daughter arrive first of all will early in the next Tursday morning.
It has been for 6months since we met in person last. So it is special thing each of us. So I want to take all my time for help them. And I will be do it from my heart.
In fact, I know that they need to be with me every day as family. What they want is not special family only for limited time that day just live like natural family.

Their wishing is that it is just to be as family like other common family,not a special family only for limited time. When I feel thier feeling I just sad for my small ability as a mother. But I know that what I can do to them is I only do living as good adult and focusing my own life, then I can talk to them something nice thinkikng for them. So what I can I do this time? I think I only enjoy be with them like rioght now. It will be happy therefore I can will be help them! It is nice thinking!