It's nice to be honest and so we have fun.

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Jul 27, 2011 00:04
I have been gotting happenning in my twitter since yesterday. It was some people may got spam message by my picture which I tweeted them from my mistake. It was just happened for me too. So I was very comfused when I noticed about it. I also got text from some friends inside twitter about that message. I tried do the best as much as I can all day today because I don't make someone feel uncomfortuble by my action.So I just aporogized to everybody on twitter.
I was very sad while I do, But also I have little fun while I do for solved about that with myself. At last I felt releif... some of friend who Japanese in twitter said that you are okay. So I felt happy with their message.

I think that it may nice that thinking carefully about my action,talking when I got something happen near me. I think that I can't say that I am okay because I am not sure with all my aciton,talking. I may did mistake before I noticed about it. I may misunderstand something. If I can think like that, it will be continue to improve as a good adult.

But I am not the person who always good person because I sometimes fighting with my friend when we upset each other thinking! But our friendship is still okay because we can say sorry soon then we can laugh at last. I think it is just to be honest each other heart.

So what I want to say?? Let's we have fun in our each day!