Let's we talk nice things from our experiences to the children or the person who younger than us.

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Jul 25, 2011 23:12
I have been no write my journal since last week. I was just busy for visiting my friends in my town. also I have been hard to go to my work so...I haven't time for studying English.

But tonight, I have read the journal who Japanese man. I think that he seems good at writing for his feeling. he use to positive words in his writing. I also know another friends who have a good English. So they are part of my goal. I want to improve my English like him or some friends who Japanese.

A few days ago, when my daughter called to me, I talked to her that I think I will go to abroad then I will know about another cultures, countries and people who live in there. I also think I can tell something nice things to you afterwords. Now, I am not sure what I can talk but I have a feeling in my heart that it is I will be able to do in the future, It may 5years later, It may 10years later. But I have a feeling in my heart that it is possible that I can to that by experience. So...please wait the time. My daughter said "Yes". I really appreciated about her feeling about me. She also just listened my talking while I talk it. I really want to do that.
So...what can I do for? Just keep going! Who the person who change my life? it's me....

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