Let's try to explain about your nice idea in TED someday with me!!

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Jul 17, 2011 10:42
I have just known about TED by my news paper"Asahi Weekly".
Do you know that?? http://www.ted.com/
There are people who having good ideas for society in thier mind and they can explain them to someone in English.
I guess that it needs to have good mind which good words, good knowledges, some experience for to get about it. I mean that is need good eyes for considering about it. But not hard. We can do get it while we have fun.

I also noticed that we have been doing same thing in Tokyo, Japan since 2009. I don't know that it is we use to Japanese or English. But I just have an image that I want to do that someday. I have one more dream in my mind.
So I want to study English hard.

Here is "TED" http://www.ted.com/