What the word I do love is "wonderful" "special" "natural" "awesome" "amazing" "posibily" "facility" "beautiful"...

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Jul 15, 2011 23:27
I talked with my patient who 84years lady today. She have a big sick now then She must do injection every day. But she don't come to clinic for it. In her talking, the reason why she doesn't do it every day is she is enjoying her life even thhough she has a sick. I seem see is always fine without result of her blood test. Her talking is always fun and intersting for me.

She talked to me today that she sometimes have an image something nice things in her mind since she were young, like she got win in her mind after she had run in her school even she didn't get it when she had to do race. Also, she sometimes feel that I am amasing or funtastic.

I just listened her talking then just intersted for me. I think it is nice that we feel we are great,fantastic or something nice and warm feeling about ourselves. There are lot of nice word if we explain good feeling, it is not only English but also Japanese.
What the word I do love is
"wonderful" "special" "natural" "awusome" "amazing" "posibily" "facility" "beautiful" ...I can't write down all quickly. But I want to became to use good word. So I want to study hard for it.

Anyway, it nice to think about using warm word and look at myself. I want to improve more inside me. It things intersting first for me.

My patient always helps me improve inside me. I always say thank you.

has a good boy friend when she were young. But she didn't marry with him then she got marry with another man.